Photo: Moonbase
Photo: Moonbase

Tre Mission: Orphan Black

Tre Mission- Orphan Black (Last Gang):  This Toronto hip-hop artist made a splash with his 2014 Juno and Polaris Music Prize-nominated release Stigmata, and has been hailed as one of North America’s first grime emcees.

A following on the UK music scene has been earned, and he has collaborated with such notables as Wiley, Skepta, Chip, Big Zuu, and JME. An instrumental project, Bare Selection 001, showed his versatility, and a new full-length, Orphan Black, came out on Friday, one featuring grime and trap elements.

A video to accompany the title track has just been released, and the cut reaffirms Tre Mission as a major talent. The gentle piano and cello prelude will take you by surprise, but it gives way to boldly authoritative rapping atop the ambient soundscape. Bracing stuff.

The album is self-produced, with Kyle "K-Notes" Smith co-producing this cut. Guests on the album include Merky Ace and EllzBS. 






Publicity: Ola Mazzuca, Indoor Recess

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