Photo: Charlie Benoit
Photo: Charlie Benoit

Walrus: Played Out

 Walrus -  Played Out (Outside Music): As the band name suggests, the sound of this Halifax quartet is seriously heavy. Its doom meets psych meets garage rock style is vividly displayed on this track, taken from upcoming second album Cool To Who, out Oct. 18,  via Outside Music. 

After a Sabbath-like intro, the cut takes a trippy turn, then returns to the heavy. Sure to appeal to Black Mountain fans.

An eye-catching video clip for the song came out yesterday. In a press release, director, Jeff Miller explains that “The Played Out video is like time traveling through my wrestling fandom. I started editing music videos to bootlegged wrestling clips when I was in the 7th grade, and that sparked a full-on career as a music video director/editor. When Walrus said they wanted a video for Played Out, their only stipulation was that it was somehow pro wrestling related and it was like everything had come full circle.”

Brothers Jordan and Justin Murphy formed Walrus in 2012. The band, known as road warriors, is reportedly banned from Avis Rental Car for excessive mileage totals. Walrus tours extensively in the fall, playing headlining shows Sept. 17-21, then supporting Thrush Hermit and Wintersleep. Tour dates here 






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