Glass Tiger publicity shot
Glass Tiger publicity shot

Glass Tiger Surprises Senior With Nursing Home Concert


Jean Savage, 95, has been listening to Canadian rock band Glass Tiger for more than 30 years, but never expected a private concert at her retirement home.

But that's what happened Friday when the group performed one of their hit singles, Someday,  to Savage at the Pleasant View Lodge in Mayerthorpe, which is approximately 130 kilometres northwest of Edmonton. 

A video posted to social media shows the 95-year-old clapping along to the hit and watching in awe as lead singer, Alan Frew, sings to her.

"You have no idea unless you're there yourself," she said Saturday. "It was just so marvellous. Outstanding."

The band stopped in to see one of their biggest fans on their way to Whitecourt where they performed at Eagle River Casino Friday evening. 

Glass Tiger's frontman said the band had originally planned on just saying hello but they were so inspired by her long-lasting love of their music that they performed.

"It turned into an impromptu moment that I hope just lives in her heart forever because I know it will live in mine," Frew said Saturday.

"This tops it all. I don't think I've serenaded a true Glass Tiger fan who is 95 years of age."

Savage was on her way to play a game of bingo, when she was brought downstairs by staff who said they had a surprise for her.

"I thought the surprise was my great-granddaughter coming to visit me. And Lord love me, they opened the doors and in walked Alan. I flipped out," she said.

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