Kayla Diamond: Next X

Kayla Diamond - Next X (Slaight Music/Pheromone Recordings/Cadence): The Toronto pop-rock songstress has just released another EP, Dirty Laundry, and this new single is an attention-grabbing introduction.

Atop abrasive percussion, Diamond delivers a fiery vocal performance, while a hip-hop flavoured segment adds drama.

In a press release, she explains that "I wrote this one in LA with Justin Gray. It was our first time meeting, and we just had it right off the bat. I had written something in my notes on my phone about how jealous my ex was when I would sing about previous relationships – I felt trapped between my career and her.

"The words' Next X' came to Justin and me instantly. The trap vibe, mixed with a more rock chorus, captured the anger and angst I needed to convey."

Diamond also reflects that, for this EP, "my songwriting stemmed from the realization that I was more into women than men. I could never relate. I’d listen to all of these songs on the radio and wonder why or how Rihanna was writing about love? I’d never felt that way, and I’d dated so many guys.

"My last EP was more upbeat pop, more major chords. Happier and depressing. Dirty Laundry is more attitude. Kind of like “I miss you, but fuck you.”





Publicity: Erin Carroll, Cadence Music Group

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