Corb Lund, Dean Brody Hit Home Runs With New Singles

The following are tracks delivered to radio by digital distributor DMDS/Yangaroo in Canada and broken down into two categories. Top Downloads represents the most copied tracks in the weeks ending Aug 23, and the Most Active Indies blends downloads and streams, with the affiliated label and radio promotions company in parenthesis.


Top Downloads

  1. Blake Shelton “Hell Right (feat. Trace Adkins)” (Warner)

  2. Maren Morris “The Bones” (Columbia/Sony)

  3. Dean Brody “Black Sheep” (Open Road)

  4. Monsta X feat. French Montana “Who Do U Love”? (Epic/Sony)

  5. Kygo & Whitney Houston “Higher Love” (Kygo/RCA/Sony)

  6. Matt Lang “Water Down The Whiskey” (Jayward/Sony)

  7. Miley Cyrus “Mothers Daughter” (RCA/Sony)

  8. Max “Love Me Less (feat. Quinn XCII)” (Red/Sony)

  9. Corb Lund “Ride On (feat. Ian Tyson)” (Warner)

  10. Normani “Motivation” (Keep Cool/RCA/Sony)

Most Active Indies

  1. Dean Brody “Black Sheep” (Open Road)

  2. Annette Daniels “Savior” (Indie)

  3. Andrew Hyatt “Didn’t Know Me” (604

  4. Alessia Cohle “Tell You (feat. Jason Blaine)” (M88

  5. The Treble “Fix Of You” (Cadence/DMD Promo)

  6. Duane Steele “Breathing Your Air” (Jolt/L. Tutty Promo)

  7. Tim Isberg “Highway Two” (Indie/L. Tutty Promo)

  8. The Drew Thomson Foundation “A Little More Time” (Dine Alone/RPMpromo)

  9. David James “All The Time” (MDM/Dale Speaking Promo)

  10. The Heels “Take The Trailer” (Indie/RPMpromo)

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