Photo: Nicklaus Ball
Photo: Nicklaus Ball

Headstones: Leave It All Behind

Headstones - Leave It All Behind  (Cadence Recordings/Known Accomplice):  Headstones have just announced that a new album, PEOPLESKILLS, is coming out on Oct. 25, preceded by this first single, one that's quickly climbing radio charts.

No surprise there, as it's another take no prisoners rocker that reaffirms the punk meets hard rock band remains at the top of its game. The furious riffing and Hugh Dillon's typically intense vocals grab you by the throat, and there's no escape.

Helping the track seize attention is a riveting black and white video shot by Gordon Hawkins in the notorious Kingston pen, a perfect backdrop.

2017 album Little Army was the group's highest-debuting full-length in over a decade, proving there's still plenty of life left in these veterans whose recording career spans three decades and eight albums. For a period, the band had been on semi-hiatus while Dillon established himself, with significant success, as a film and TV actor, so it's great to see him energized and fully committed to rock 'n roll. We need him, man!





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