Lil Berete (l) and Deno
Lil Berete (l) and Deno

Lil Berete: Chase Cash

Lil Berete: Chase Cash ( (New Gen / XL Recordings): This young Toronto rapper has been tagged by many industry observers as having the potential to be the next big thing from the 6ix. He first made a splash with Icebreaker, a mixtape mainly about growing up in the Regent Park 'hood, that has amassed over 14 million global streams, and last year's track No Makeup has over 1.6M YouTube views. 

A label press release states that "his next mixtape (expected to drop this fall) will see a more international, mature side of Berete as the playfulness of his youth has recently been coloured with the more serious issues he’s been up against recently."

This new single, Chase Cash, also features young London singer/rapper Deno. The collaboration came about after Berete was banned from filming videos in his home estate around the time the area had experienced a string of violence that resulted in Berete losing some close friends. Seeking solace and peace of mind, he headed to London, where he met Deno.

Both rappers display a nice smooth flow on the cut, and the lyrics show some welcome maturity - "we just let bygones be bygones, we ain't never trying to die young." The video was shot in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and features some eye-catching street scenes. Expect both the track and the clip to stir up some action.





Label contact: Ronan O'Leary, Beggars

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