Photo: Adrian Martinez
Photo: Adrian Martinez

Majid Jordan: Superstar

Majid Jordan - Superstar (OVO Sound): The Toronto R&B duo of singer Majid Al Maskati and producer Jordan Ullman may not have ascended to superstar status yet, but its music has racked up some impressive stats. The summer cut Caught Up feat. Khalid has amassed 28 million streams and over 2 million video views, and this new track has similar potential.

Majid Jordan has forged an accessible fusion of pop and contempo R&B stylings, with polished production a trademark. Superstar is no exception, a tender declaration of adoration - "I just want to share the light with you"- delivered with soulful vocals atop sparse beats.

In a label press release, Majid describes the track this way: "Everybody has a superstar in their life. We wanted to celebrate that. This song is a late-night dance party that you can share with that special someone." Jordan adds that "Superstar is going to bring our fans back to the classic Majid Jordan wave, but this time it's set in a different galaxy. I made sure to keep the energy high from start to finish." 

Formed in 2011, Majid Jordan has released two albums on Drake's OVO Sound label, a self-titled debut in 2016 and 2017's The Space Between.





Label contact: Yash Zadeh, Warner Records



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