Partial screenshot of album graphic.
Partial screenshot of album graphic.

Dalai Lama Contributes To Four Songs On Instruments For Kids Album

A new age recording that includes contributions from the Dalai Lama is being used to get underprivileged kids in developing countries musical instruments and spread the awareness about the concept of "aloha."

The Himalayan Sessions is a compilation featuring late flutist and “father of New Age music” Paul Horn, Emmy awarded world music composer Christopher Hedge and traditional Hawaiian musician Keola Beamer. The 10-track album also features contributions from His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama on four songs, Reflections, Morning Prayer, Preserving Dharma and Autonomous Harmony.

Proceeds from the compilation will go towards the Aloha Music Camp and Mohala Hou Foundation, which provide ukuleles to children in third-world countries.

The album and its related instrument program are part of a bigger vision around the concept of "aloha."

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