Don Cherry Instagram photo
Don Cherry Instagram photo

Media Beat: November 13, 2019

Don Cherry lands himself in a game-losing pickle

The 85-year-old Hockey Night in Canada co-host has triggered national debate over a comment made in Saturday night's Sportsnet game broadcast where he suggested that new immigrants don’t wear poppies in support of war veterans. Following his dismissal for a ‘divisive’ comment, the heat has been turned up on social media sites, such as Twitter, with fans and detractors venting outrage.

Cherry backed up a bit on the comment that caused his dismissal Tuesday night on Fox News’Tucker Carlson Tonight, saying that he should’ve used the word “everybody” instead of “you people” because people are sensitive. Tucker Carlson responded by saying that they aren’t sensitive, but they are fascists and have no real feelings.

Meantime, Western Standard launched an online petition two days ago to have Cherry reinstated. So far, the appeal has 165K supporters.

Perhaps framing the whole quagmire best is Bruce Allen, who had this to say on his Nov. 12 CKNW Reality Check show. His commentary starts at the 2:47 mark.

MuchMusic vets team up to launch the MuchMusic VJs radio show

The cat is out of the bag!!

I've been quietly working with Steve Anthony to launch a WEEKEND two-hour national radio show, The MuchMusic VJs Show!

The show will be current-thinking (not JUST a retro gold show), and the content focuses on the years from the '84 ish (the launch) to 1996 (when it morphed into something else, NOT the MuchMusic that we grew up with). Steve, Christopher Ward, Michael Williams, Terry David Mulligan, & Master T and I are hosts.

Do you like this idea? Will you listen? If so, would you offer your own memories and suggestions of growing up with
Much? Would you spread the word? If no radio station in YOUR market was carrying it (we already have lots of markets signed on), would you do what you could to get it on (petitioning, etcetera)?

BTW, NO station in TORONTO has signed on. Can you believe that? — Erica Ehm, Facebook

BeatRoute launches Toronto edition of its arts & entertainment monthly

Much hay was made with the May announcement that pop culture entrepreneur Michael Hollett was leading BeatRoute’s expansion from the western provinces into Toronto. Somewhere along the way, co-founder Glenn Alderson has decided to be the nameplate behind the move into Hollywood North, with Melissa Vincent and Josephine Cruz heading up the city’s editorial team.

BeatRoute has been a part of the fabric of the Western Canadian music and arts community for the last 15 years, and I couldn’t be more excited to be bringing this energy to Ontario with an incredible team of extremely talented individuals,” BeatRoute editor-in-chief and co-founder Alderson says in a media release. “Melissa Vincent and Josephine Cruz are natural-born leaders and together, I believe we can offer a fresh and unique voice to reflect the ever-evolving musical landscape across the country."

 A digital edition of the magazine is available at the newly revamped Alderson suggests another brand, BeatRoute Live, is to be launched in 2020 “to further support developing acts and put them in front of fans and audiences across Canada.”

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