Prism Prize Video - PUP: Free at Last

The 2019 Prism Prize for Best Canadian Music Video was awarded to Kevan Funk, for his clip for Belle Game’s Low. We will continue to profile noteworthy Canadian videos, including this one from a hard-edged Toronto band known for its original videos.

PUP - Free at Last

PUP - which is an abbreviation for Pathetic Use of Potential -  is a Toronto rock band formed in 2010, originally under the name Topanga. It is composed of band members Stefan Babcock, Nestor Chumak, Zack Mykula, and Steve Sladkowski.

The Polaris Music Prize shortlisted combo has earned a growing international audence for its hard-edged sound, and has a reputation for creating compelling videos.

The music video for Free at Last is actually a compilation of 253 covers of the song. The band posted lyrics along with chords to the unreleased song and allowed fans the chance to imagine what the song would sound like. The original hope for submissions was for only 15-20 covers, but that was surpassed with flying colours.  



Directed & Produced by PUP, Jeremy, and Amanda

Edited by Jeremy & Nestor

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