Indie88 staff receiving Babsocks — photo provided
Indie88 staff receiving Babsocks — photo provided

Indie 88, Babsocks Helping Toronto's Homeless

While the debate is still ongoing as to whether the firing of high-profile hockey coach Mike Babcock by the Toronto Maple Leafs was a good thing,, one group of people have benefitted from his dismissal — Toronto's homeless.

That's because Major League Socks, the makers of signature socks featuring the likenesses of current and alumni National Hockey League players, will be donating 1,000 pairs of "Babsocks" — socks featuring Babcock's image on them — towards Toronto radio station Indie88's "Socks for the Streets" campaign.

An annual event hosted by Indie 88 radio show host Josie Dye and supported by homeless outreach support organization Socks 4 Souls Canada, the goal of Socks for the Streets is to collect donated socks throughout the month of December and then distribute them to the city's homeless. The annual campaign has been such a success that musical acts frequently challenge each other to donate and drop by the station to make donations.

"Socks for the Streets started a few years ago when we realized that there was a crisis in our city," said Josie Dye, in a statement. "We talk about Toronto being this world-class place, yet we have hundreds of people freezing on the streets every year. This campaign is all about addressing that reality and making sure we’re keeping our fellow Torontonians warm."

For Major League Socks it was about turning a negative event into a positive.

— Find out more about how you can contribute to this worthy cause on the Samaritanmag website.

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