Photo: Vanessa Heins
Photo: Vanessa Heins

Born Ruffians: I Fall in Love Every Night

Born Ruffians: I Fall in Love Every Night (Wavy Haze Records): The Midland-born, Toronto-based band is now well-established as one of the country's most popular indie rock combos.

On Monday, 50 of Born Ruffians top fans received a personalised letter from the band this week telling them about their forthcoming album JUICE, out April 3rd and giving them the first listen to this, the album’s opening track.

The rest of us now get to hear the cut, and it's another BR winner. After a moody brassy intro, the track breaks into some full-blooded riffery leavened with some of the offbeat time signature changes for which Born Ruffians are renowned.

The group's Luke Lalonde explains the song this way: "When the darkness isn’t fully engrossing me, I feel very fortunate for the world we live in and the people I have in my life. It’s easy for me (and I think for a lot of people) to take things for granted. There’s a constant narrative I’ve noticed being pushed that the world is a big, mean, scary place. We’re constantly being drilled by bad news and perpetual fear.

"You can forget how beautiful the world is and you can forget to even notice the person right next to you... I’m feeling a renewed sense of love not only in my relationships but with the world in general. There is an overwhelming amount of love in the world, you just have to focus on it every once in a while."

The new album marks the first release on the group's new imprint, Wavy Haze Records. The label will release JUICE in Canada and the record is out in the rest of the world via noted US label Yep Roc.

Born Ruffians spent three years working on JUICE, their sixth album, and we look forward to hearing more.

The group plays five Ontario shows, beginning on March 12 at Toronto's Meridian Hall, then heads to Europe and the UK for shows, May 21 to June 6. Dates here






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