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Frazey Ford: The Kids Are Having None Of It

Frazey Ford: “The Kids Are Having None Of It ( Arts & Crafts): The much-heralded BC singer/songwriter releases her third album, U kin B the Sun, on February 7, preceded by this single that conveys a positive message. “They can’t be bought, they can’t be taught your hate," sings Ford of a younger generation in which she has real faith.

Ford explains in a label press release that "this song came out of a desire to envision change as though it has already happened and to champion the incredible movements that we’re seeing right now. Beyond our collective fear and anger about what is and isn’t happening, to create an image of the wave of change that most of us would like to see. 

"The cast of the video are all close friends, moms and neighbourhood kids that my son grew up with. We had a beautiful day, being together. I think the love of community, real relationships, and the willingness to include the experiences of others is the real basis of activism."

The video has a charming homespun quality to it, while the lyrics are conveyed with clarity through Ford's distinctive voice, one that fuses folk and soul.

Discussing the new record, Ford notes that “I used to speak more in metaphors, but this album came out in a much more raw and direct way. I’d say that’s a result of being more in my body and more in touch with the wholeness of anger, with taking up space and having boundaries. On this record, I freed myself from the folk-writing format, and it’s been a whole different exploration for me.” We await the results eagerly.

Frazey Ford first made a name for herself a founding member of the very popular Vancouver folk combo The Be Good Tanyas. Her solo debut Obadiah was released in 2010, followed by 2014's Indian Ocean.

Ford starts a North American tour at Montreal's Petit Campus on Feb. 29, closing out on 3/27: Philadelphia's World Café on March 27. Dates in Toronto, Nanaimo, and Victoria are included. Sked here






Publicity: Ken Beattie, Killbeat

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