Photo: Jen Squires
Photo: Jen Squires

Amanda Rheaume Feat. Kinnie Starr: The Best

Amanda Rheaume feat. Kinnie Starr - The Best (Independent): Released last week, this new single from acclaimed Metis singer/songwriter Amanda Rheaume features a guest turn from her award-winning peer, Kinnie Starr. The pair co-wrote it with Robyn Dell'Unto, who served as producer.

Rheaume shares this about the single: "This song is for anyone that has ever felt less then. Anyone that has ever had an intuitive feeling and gone against it because they were scared or manipulated or not believed. Too often we allow others to take our power. We aren’t sure how to make space. Too often we aren’t shown HOW to do this in a healthy way. We feel we have to apologize for being ourselves… messy, empowered, insecure, confident or not.

"FORGET THAT. We are human, we can work on ourselves. I want to try my best to find compassion, understanding and forgiveness… slowly and mindfully shed any and all ideas of who or what anyone else thinks we should be doing or how we should be acting. I am still practicing this every day. Fighting those demons. How I should look, what I should say, how I should act."

The powerful message is conveyed by such defiant lyrics as "Baby I’m the best, and you know it, Scares you to death and it’s showing and it’s showing." Rheaume's vocals are suitably bold, while a  video helmed by award-winning director Stephano Barberis is a plus.

Rheaume plays Toronto on March 19th at the Burdock, and at a hometown show in Ottawa on March 21st at the NAC Fourth Stage.





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