Photo: Erica Hernandez
Photo: Erica Hernandez

dvsn - A Muse

dvsn - A Muse (OVO Sound): The Toronto R&B duo (comprising singer Daniel Daley and Grammy-winning producer Nineteen85) is heating up with the airing of a new video for their most recent song A Muse, the title track on a forthcoming album A Muse In Her Feelings, set for release this spring via OVO Sound and the follow-up to 2017 LP Morning After.

The pair detailed recent developments and some of what to expect on the album in a recent interview in Billboard. “The whole idea behind dvsn is, we’re going to give you the unexpected,” says Daley. “We are going to go against the grain — be divided from the bunch and separated from the past. The moment you think we’re going to go left, we’re going to do a hard right.”

While working on the new album in Miami, the duo tapped songwriter and frequent OVO collaborator Allen Ritter (Cardi B, Rihanna, Kanye West) for A Muse, which fuses live instrumentation with digitally engineered production and samples Lonnie Liston Smith’s 1983 jazz classic A Garden of Peace. Daley describes the finished product as “a more new-age D’Angelo meets hip-hop meets a 2025 vibe.”

Directed by Andrew Hamilton and shot in Toronto, the video finds a sharply dressed Daniel Daley with an elegant love interest surrounded by candles as the Nineteen85-produced scorcher soundtracks an evening of romance. The song features the soulful and plaintive vocals of Daley on a sensual plea - "I want your body in a million ways."

An earlier cut from the new album, No Cryin', featured a guest turn by US rap star Future.





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