Cayley Thomas: Two Minds

Cayley Thomas: "Two Minds" (Independent): The Edmonton born, Toronto-based, singer/songwriter is generating a buzz ahead of an upcoming album, How Else Can I Tell You?, due out May 1st.

In a press release, Thomas describes this new single as "my favourite song on the record. Two Minds is about all the negotiation and mental drama that the primitive part of my brain likes to produce when faced with a challenge."

This a sweet-sounding pop tune that sounds both retro and current. Thomas has a gentle melodic voice, and the production here is inventive.

"The recording of Two Minds fell into place with a sort of patient, gradual inspiration," she adds. "We tracked the drums, bass, percussion, 12 string and baritone guitars in Edmonton at The Audio Department with Nik Kozub. From there I sat with the bed tracks for a bit before I decided to add a synth line in the chorus which I later doubled on piano. The vocals were recorded with Steve Chahley at his home studio just outside of Toronto (affectionately referred to as ‘that 70’s basement). Lastly, the final touches came by way of a trumpet line that I developed with my friend Julia Knight which was later recorded by Kyle Newmaster in LA."

Previous singles have earned blogosphere love, and exposure on SiriusXM's Ones To Watch, CBC Radio One and Afterdark with Odario Williams, Stingray, and more. Bring on the album, we say.





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