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Lex Leosis: Ouzo

Lex Leosis - Ouzo (Independent): Raised in Toronto, this Greek-Canadian hip-hop artist is now primarily based in California’s Bay Area.

She made a splash in T.O. as a member of the hip-hop group The Sorority. Now defunct, that posse featured Polaris Prize winner Haviah Mighty, and Leosis seems similarly ready for prime time. A new album, Mythologies, comes out on March 27, the follow-up to well-received 2017 EP, Tomboy.

This new single showcases her skills neatly. It begins with a classic R&B vibe, then mixes raps and vocals, with Leosis' virile voice to the fore.

In a press release, she explains that "If you’re going through heartache, Ouzo is for you. I want these lyrics to be the ones you scream along to when riding around town after being done wrong. This song was inspired by a lack of communication from someone I really loved. I thought we both wanted the same thing, but it became more and more apparent that I was being deceived.

"Ouzo is a Greek anise-flavoured liqueur. It’s bitter, and a lot of people find it hard to swallow; the perfect metaphor for this track. I tried to make my flows seamless to channel that liquid-smooth feeling. 

Leosis adds that "André Paxton did the entire production in four hours. He also played all the live instruments you hear, which was magical, and made me feel really comfortable in trying something new with my singing. Together, we made a California vibe! The track is for my OG fans. My Snack Size, Tomboy EP fans. The ones who allowed me to experiment and truly be me."

Of note: she is also a mentor in the Hamilton and Toronto hip-hop communities working as a lead facilitator for youth programs that teach kids to write, rhyme and rap. 



PR: Adam Bentley, Auteur Research

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