Souce: Martin Kerr/Youtube
Souce: Martin Kerr/Youtube

Edmonton-Written 'Isolation Groove' Provides Levity In Trying Times

A new song for these trying times! 

Two Edmonton artists teamed-up to write a song called Isolation Groove that they say is intended to make listeners laugh, sing, and dance their way through these "crazy times."  Written by Martin Kerr and Ann Vriend - Isolation Groove is their first song about love in the middle of a pandemic.

“You’re stuck at home with the people you love, but also trying not to touch each other. A bit of a mixed message," says Kerr.

They were worried that some would think they're making light of a serious situation, but with all of their gigs cancelled, including a European tour for Vriend, they wanted to do something to help cheer them up.

"It's really for our own sanity that we need to laugh and sing and dance," said Kerr.  And so far, people are getting into the isolation groove with them. The video has clocked more than 18K views since it was posted to YouTube on  Monday and achieved additional notice from a variety of other online platforms.

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