Pic: John Matychuk
Pic: John Matychuk

Unison Announces a $500K COVID-19 Music Industry Relief Program

With the generous $250K donation from the Slaight Family Foundation, the Unison Benevolent Fund has announced the Unison COVID-19 Relief Program.

Unison, which will match the Slaight Family Foundation gift with $250K of its own, states that the demand for funding has escalated to $200K per week ( a 1900 per cent increase of the weekly demand pre-crisis), since numerous country lockdowns around the world have resulted in musicians and members of the music industry cancelling tours, closing venues, reverting to self-isolation and making it virtually impossible to make a living.

The relief program funding will be allotted to groceries, housing costs and medical expenses - but Unison stresses that this is only a short-term solution and that more funding is urgently needed to keep up with demand.

"In order to meet the growing demand for support, we need partners to secure a future for our Canadian music community," Unison said in a statement.

"As the story continues to unfold, Unison will be there for the music community every step or the way and we hope you will too."

Gary Slaight,  President and CEO of Slaight Communications and The Slaight Family Foundation, hopes his donation encourages others to give.

“The creative community adds so much inspiration to our daily lives through their talents and now more than ever they need our support during this crisis,” said Slaight in a statement. “I hope that our donation to The Unison Fund will inspire others to do the same as our artists need our support”.

Interested potential partners and parties willing to help can contact the organization at sponsorship@unisonfund.ca.

If you wish to access the funds, members of the music industry must register at Unison here. 

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