Sweet Alibi: Really Great

Sweet Alibi - Really Great (Comino Music): This rootsy Winnipeg-based trio comprises singer/songwriters Amber Nielsen, Jessica Rae Ayre, and Michelle Anderson. Three earlier albums have earned kudos, and a fourth is being worked on with producers Matt Peters and Matt Schellenberg of Royal Canoe (Begonia).

Released last week, Really Great is a new single that whets the appetite for the album. The group's signature sweet vocal harmonies are in evidence, but the somewhat quirky and non-folkie instrumentation suggests they have been experimenting with their sound.

In a press release, Amber Rae discusses the story behind the track: “This song is inspired by the people in our world today that are creating change. Honest and hardworking people who are sacrificing their comfort for the greater good. Sometimes the way we have been doing things needs to change. We make mistakes and we learn from them. Following the beat of your own drum can be so difficult at times but in the end, we rest knowing we did our best and stayed honest and true. Doing what you believe is right and not just what everyone else is doing.

"Yesterday the world was a different place and as it changes we need to change as well to meet the needs of those around us and also to take care of our natural world that supports our lives."

Over a career now spanning a decade, Sweet Alibi has won a West Coast Music Award, charted on CBC Radio 2, and developed an audience across North America and in Europe.






Publicity: Mavis Harris, Nice Marmot PR

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