Ryan Langdon: Buck Wild

Ryan Langdon - Buck Wild (Slaight Music): The Niagara Falls, ON, country singer has been making a splash on the Canadian scene, as evidenced by his 2019 nomination for the Country Music Association of Ontario Rising Star Award.

His high-energy cut Lit In The Sticks grabbed attention, and now he's back with a new rockin' country track that sounds like a hit to these ears. Both songs were co-written by Langdon and the dynamic songwriting duo of Nashville-based Canadians Emma Lee and Karen Kosowski, and they clearly have a creative chemistry going on.

Buck Wild's theme is of payday partying, and we love the lines "someone call NASA, cos this night is going off like a rocket." Langdon's beefy voice fits perfectly, and some searing guitar kicks it into overdrive. Ideal for playing loud at your solo patio party in these socially isolated times.






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