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Myles Castello: Blue

Myles Castello – Blue (Warner Music Canada): The Toronto-based R&B singer has been turning ears following the success of the 2018 single Bad Company. and this new cut should fuel the buzz.

Blue is the first single from his forthcoming EP set to arrive later this year. Castello says of the song, “Blue is about me hurting someone and them leaving. Them not being there to brighten up your day makes everything feel dull.”

He conveys the mood fluently and concisely (the cut is just 2.35 in length), with tender vocals sitting atop sparse production.

The track is co-written by Castello and producer Jason Amos, with Castello playing guitar and Amos adding drums and synths.

In a label press release, Castello states “I’m big on the pockets of songs, where the flows are. I have to have a certain pocket to groove to.” 

Castello recently toured North America, virtually, by performing from his basement for venues on Instagram Live. On different nights, he sang for fans in Chicago, New York, Nashville, Vancouver, Detroit and Montreal, to a very positive response.





Publicity: Chantilly Post, Warner Music Canada

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