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Theo Tams: The Last Song

Theo Tams – The Last Song (Slaight Music): The Toronto-based singer/songwriter and former Canadian Idol champ returns with a new single, one taken from his third release, Call The Doctor.

A piano and strings ballad, the song shows off the emotional eloquence of Tams' strong and pure voice. He digs deep lyrically and vocally here, and a powerful video provides apt accompaniment.

In a press release, he states that “the song represents the moment you realize your own self worth. It’s about recognizing you are enough, and letting go of the past. I think we’ve all had that one relationship…The one that haunts us even years after it ends. It was important for me to try and depict all the different ways I tried to measure up, while showing the toll it takes,. I spent years trying to prove I was worth sticking around for, much to my detriment in the end. Slowly losing yourself, and your own identity, because you’re trying so hard to be everything and everyone for someone else. I hope this song inspires anyone who may be feeling the same way.”

Since winning what would be the final season of Canadian Idol, Tams released the album Give It All Away, follow-up EP Back Pocket, and Call The Doctor. He has also collaborated with artist Ali Slaight to sing the holiday classics, a popular now-annual tradition that culminated in the seasonal album release of Holiday Collection.





Publicity: Eric Alper

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