A Microforum Face Shield
A Microforum Face Shield

Microforum Vinyl LP Plant Adds PPE Assembly

Three years ago, FYI profiled Microforum Vinyl, a Toronto-based company that had just entered the vinyl pressing business. Like so many firms these days, the current covid-19 pandemic is affecting its operation, but Microforum is responding in a very positive fashion by re-tooling some of its machinery to make PVC PPE (personal protection equipment) face shields for medical and other essential businesses.

Company VP Noble Musa explained the situation to FYI, noting that "we have been impacted hugely in our day to day operations by the pandemic. We know our customers in the music industry have been hugely impacted too, since a lot of the vinyl we press is for artists and bands for their tours, gigs, festivals…and to boot, with the bricks & mortar record stores shut too, like so many others we have to wait until the fog lifts."

"As news of shortages of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) began to surface, governments at all levels sent out a plea for local manufacturers to help out. Our team decided that we could help by re-tooling parts of our operations to help meet much-needed demand. Our designers immediately started designing PPE. In a matter of weeks, we began manufacturing our first PPE product, the Microforum Face Shield.

"Microforum sent its Face Shield plans to Health Canada for expedited approval through the Interim Order process and received a Class 1 device license for the Microforum Face Shield. We are now starting to fill orders for those that require them. So alongside the PVC vinyl records we normally make, we are now making PVC PPE Face shields."

Musa adds, "at Microforum, as with many other businesses, the pandemic has changed the way our company operates. The staff that can work remotely have shifted to working from home, visitor limitations have been put in place, additional sanitation stations have been set up through our 60,000 square foot facility, and our staff has been supplied with Personal Protective Equipment.

Microforum is now accepting small and large orders. More info here 

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