Photo: Sylvain Chaussee
Photo: Sylvain Chaussee

Jaunt: Delighted To Be Spoken To

Jaunt - Delighted To Be Spoken To (Independent): This Toronto-based indie rock combo recently released a full-length debut album, All In One, and this week premiered a video for focus track Delighted To Be Spoken To.

Jaunt is built around the songs of singer and lyricist Tom Helliwell, and has honed its sound over the course of two earlier EPs. All In One was recorded over three years and engineered in collaboration with Alex Sowinski (BadBadNotGood).

Delighted To Be Spoken has a dreamy and airy feel, with Helliwell’s gently melodic vocals augmented by those of Caitlin Caitlin Woelfle-O'Brien. A nice antidote to pandemic blues.

“We’re happy to have this video out for the masses, seeing as we had to cancel our planned tour due to the pandemic, we figured this is the next best thing,” says guitarist Pat O’Brien in a press release.  “The production of this video was very much a DIY effort and was shot by the very talented team of Pia Perez and Sylvain Chaussée of Tranquilo. I learned how to paint a large floor in under two hours, so I’m thankful you can now enjoy the fruits of my labour.”






PR: Ken Beattie, Killbeat

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