The FYI News Bulletin

The City of Toronto is studying a recommendation that eligible live music venues in Toronto be granted a 50% saving on property tax. Sounds promising, right? It comes with one big caveat though. Eligible live music venues will be able to apply for the tax reduction, which the property owner will receive. If the music venue is a tenant, the expectation is that the property owner will pass the savings along to the venue owner.

– Okanagan Mixing Studio owner Clark W found himself with time on his hands when the lockdown furloughed his business, so he started writing and recording some songs. One of them has racked up over 1.5M YouTube views in a matter of a few weeks. Up Here, In Canada, a 3-plus-minute homage to life in the great white north has become a runaway viral hit that he’s fast included on THE HITS - That Few Have Heard, an EP that also includes My Mom’s Hot, Farmer’s Tan, and Marriage is Always Sexy.

– Operatic Soprano Measha Brueggergosman has had her international singing career wiped out not once, but twice in the past 12 months - in June 2019 for emergency open-heart surgery and the second time because of the covid lockdown.  “I get the hint! HA!  In response, I have completely re-thought my approach to my career and will be bringing the concert, the content, the conversation, and the access directly to my Patreon supporters and Measha fans,” she writes in explaining her latest project that offers voice and performance and career coaching online for $10, $25 and $300 monthly.

– The National Music Centre has plans to launch three digital exhibitions this year: the new Canadian Music Hall of Fame inductions (so far only Jann Arden has been announced as a 2020 inductee, but four more artists are to be honoured, NMC CEO Andrew Mosker says. There will also be exhibitions later this year focused on Indigenous music and one dedicated to music and healing.

– What does one do if stranded on a cruise ship in these troubled times? Canadian singer Jennifer Simser and musician Daniel Nogueira were two of thousands of cruise ship employees unable to return home due to lockdown. Stranded aboard the Caribbean Princess for nearly 60 days without passengers, the duo, along with help from colleagues, wrote, produced, recorded, and filmed a now-viral music video for their original song You're Not Alone.

– Pro audio instrument manufacturer and distributor Yorkville Sound has teamed up with Starfish Medical to produce ventilators for ICU use.

- A spool of major festivals around the world including Cannes, Tribeca, Venice, Berlin, London, Karlovy Vary, Locarno, Toronto etc., are tying up and doing a 10-day long streaming event on YouTube where they will be showcasing films that have been shown as part of their festival. The screenings run from May 20 to June 7.


Italy’s gradual easing of lockdown restrictions includes a government decree allowing indoor shows of up to 200 people and outdoor concerts with a capacity of 1K effective June 15. Temperature checks will be in place, as well as the mandatory use of face coverings for spectators and the use of suitable personal protective equipment for workers.

State of the Stream April 2020, compiled by live-streaming data companies StreamElements and Arsenal, reveals that Twitch users watched 17M hours of music and performing arts content in April 2020, up 385% on 3.6M in April 2019. While 17M sounds like a lot, Amazon-owned Twitch recorded a total of 1.65B watch hours in April alone – of which 1.49B were videogame streams, IQ reports.

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