Lorna Rees screenshot from her award-winning song video.
Lorna Rees screenshot from her award-winning song video.

Canada Wins CoronaVision Song Contest. Sort Of…

In May when the announcement came that the annual global Eurovision contest would not go ahead due to pandemic, East London artist Richard Dedomenici decided that the world still needed a singalong pop song and so CoronaVision was born.

Over 40 UK artists were invited to participate in the contest and represent any country of their choice. Lorna Rees, being a huge fan of Canada, decided that “your beautiful country” was the one for her.

Rees is the Director of the Gobbledegook Theatre and a multi-talented creative. This track was made, filmed and recorded at the height of the lockdown in the UK, and features all her equally-talented family members - husband, crazy-brilliant sons and Marshall the dog, who was a tad camera shy for this performance but provided the tea.

Quelle Est La Date has since become something of a viral hit, and now Lou Brown Loves is releasing it as a chart entry single in the UK and Canada this Friday, June 5.

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