Pic: Courtesy of 123RF
Pic: Courtesy of 123RF

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The first picture captures a youthful Joey Vendetta, during his Q107 days, chumming with Keith Richards who had stopped in town to plug one of his early solo albums and hang with the best.

In the 2nd picture, Trooper poses backstage at Vancouver's Coliseum on the night of Oct. 25, 1980, with the Universal gang that included MCA National Promo exec Lesley Soldat, label VP & GM George Burns, and on the far right is the band's manager Sam Feldman. It was an auspicious night as it was the first of many SRO concerts in Trooper's hometown.

And our 3rd picture today has Parachute Club receiving Gold for their 1986 album, Small Victories. For those with sharp eyes, yes, that's Jim Campbell squeezing in between Lorraine Segato and Lauri Conger.

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