Prism Prize Eligible Video: Glass Forest - Anywhere

The 2019 Prism Prize for Best Canadian Music Video was awarded to Kevan Funk, for his clip for Belle Game’s Low. We will continue to profile noteworthy Canadian videos, including this one from a Vancouver based indie-pop group.

Glass Forest - Anywhere

Glass Forest is a Vancouver based indie-pop duo composed of Nick Owen, vocals/keys and Stephen Clarke, bass/beats. Glass Forest has gained a reputation for extremely energetic live shows that blend different genres of music to create one cohesive performance. 

Their song Anywhere features Abby Wale on vocals/keyboard and Kristopher Franklin on guitar, as well as Nick and Stephen. The video features beautiful shots filled with visuals of past and present laced with friendship and love, making you feel like anything and everything is within your reach. 

“Anywhere is a song about finding someone that makes you feel like anything is possible when you are together. No matter where you are, they are your escape, and as long as you have that person you can overcome anything.” – Glass Forest

Directed by: Jordan Clarke

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