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Sudbury Singer Has A Viral Hit With A Song Crafted From Trump Tweets

Sudbury country singer-songwriter Ashley Joanisse has a viral hit on her hands with a song video she created by stitching together a collection of Trump tweets.

On her own Twitter account, she writes: “Trump is hurting the American Dream so I wrote this song for #TheResistance!”

On YouTube she explains her reason for crafting the lyrical message: “I wrote this new song about President Donald Trump using his own tweets as inspiration. Donald Trump says he is a man for the people, but he is irrational, sexist, racist, homophobic and completely unhinged. Are we really going to let him ‘Make America Great Again?!’ We need to take a stand! #TheResistance #Bluewave #AmericanDream #Vote”

Jim Moodie at the Sudbury Star has the full story behind this breakout viral hit that includes an interview with the 27-year-old who tells him she started writing the song about two years ago, when Trump was more focused on building a wall and detaining migrants, but was inspired to add more lyrics and record the single after the American president exacerbated tensions in recent weeks with his response to the pandemic and racial justice protests.

“Everything started coming out about the Black Lives Matter movement and how he was treating the coronavirus, and I was re-inspired to sit down and start writing it again,” she said. 

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