Prism Prize Eligible Video: Jaunt - All In One

The 2019 Prism Prize for Best Canadian Music Video was awarded to Kevan Funk, for his clip for Belle Game’s Low. We will continue to profile noteworthy Canadian videos, including this one from a Toronto indie rock band now attracting attention.

Jaunt - All In One

Formed in 2016, in what was supposed to be a casual recording project, Jaunt, upon their first EP release for Chat, became a huge success. The six-piece band consists of Tom Helliwell, Duncan Hood, Nick Nausbaum, Pat O’Brien, Daniel Reardon & Caitlin Woelfle-O’Brien. 

Their song All in One, released as part of a visual album of the same name, was three years in the making. Echoing the current state of the world, each visual exhibits a member of Jaunt completing an everyday activity in the comfort of their own home. Funnily enough, these six videos were filmed before the lockdown began, but now makes more sense than ever before. All in One’s visuals showcase Helliwell shot in reverse on 16mm film in Toronto painting his self-portrait. 

“The song is an optimistic ballad about what it means to be present. We hope it can spark a bit of joy and encouragement for those who listen in these strange times that we are collectively experiencing. In a way, the song feels mysteriously prescient for the moment.”

Starring: Tom Helliwell

A tranquilo Production

Directors: Pia Perez & Sylvain Chaussée

Cinematographer: Sylvain Chaussée

Editors: Jaunt

Producer: Pia Perez

Art Direction: Pia Perez & Jaunt

Wardrobe: Pat O’Brien

Title Design: Duncan Hood

Assistant: Adam Weaver

Colourist: Sylvain Chaussée

Film Processing: Sylvain Chaussée at Niagara Custom Labs

Song by: Jaunt

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