CZN. Pic provided
CZN. Pic provided

Paul Farberman Now Managing BT Talent Contest Winner, CZN

Sheridan College student singing trio CZN (pronounced ‘season’) sent in their audition for Canadian Family's Got Talent and won the Breakfast Television competition in May when Simon Cowell picked the winner from three fan-voted finalists. In making the announcement on BT, Cowell’s enthusiasm went off script with him making an “executive producer decision” and inviting the group to compete on next season’s America’s Got Talent.

Cowell went on to enthuse mightily about the group.

“I have to tell you, what you did – I think you’re very current, I think you’re very cool, I think you’re very likeable. Most importantly talented, creative, inventive – and I can’t wait to meet you in person.

The trio teased the release of their Aug. 7 Sun & Sky Records/Warner Music single Friends with a drive-in show at Ontario Place. CZN consists of CJ Capital, Seth Zosky, and Matthew Novary Joseph. The soul group has released 5 singles to date.

Farberman, who lives part-time in LA, manages Snow and for over a decade was intimately involved in Celine Dion’s career, sounded excited in making the announcement of the signing in a phone call this past weekend. “After CZN was selected by Simon Cowell as the winners of Canadian Family’s Got Talent, one of my dear friends in Toronto called me and said I had to check them out. I looked online and I was really blown away by their voices and how they blended different styles of music into their own fresh sound,” says Farberman.

“Our journey together has just begun. I am really excited about their future and helping them get their music heard around the world.”

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