Image provided by Gary Slaight.
Image provided by Gary Slaight.

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From the grand old days when radio stations had a full complement of name-brand talent and the boss was ...well, the boss. Pictured here circa 1980, the Q107 team. We've tried to identify them all, but if we've messed up on a few, apologies in order. And a grand shout-out to Cameron Carpenter, Earl Jive and Bev (Hills) in piecing the jigsaw together.

L to R (rear): Jessie Dylan, Andy Frost, Bob Mackowycz, (traffic girl Marynne), Kathleen Rankin, Kristy Knight?, Sue Johanson, Jeff Chalmers, Bill Carroll, Jim James, ???, Brother Jake Edwards, Beverly Hills.

L to R (front): Gene Valaitis, Dusty Shannon, Gary Slaight, Earl Jive, Jane Hawtin, Shirley McQueen, John Derringer. 

Readers are more than welcome to send in their own snaps with a cutline, and the photographer's name where possible.

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