Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule

Who's zooming who this weekend?

After screwing things up earlier in calling the Labour Day weekend the last long weekend before Santa hits the boards, I can safely say enjoy this long weekend as it truly is the last before the season of gving and merriment (and running up  up more credit card debt).

But, back to business.

The FYI team is in merry lockdown this bank holiday weekend and that means the regular Monday newsletter is pushed back a day, so, don't flip your lid if we don't arrive at the usual time in the usual place. Instead, use the time to cream that copy of War and Peace or kick back with the Tolkien trilogy and smell that pumpkin pie, the turkey keeping warm on the hob and enjoy the unmistakable sound of some %#$@ neighbour out there with a gas-powered blower scaring the bejeesus out of the squirrel population and waking up the wee ones.

Oh, but enjoy it! Be happy! Get crazy!

On behalf of the A-Team here at FYI, best wishes and good health and zooming.  -- DF

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