CMRRA Reports $12M Q3 Payout To Members

The Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency (CMRRA) reports $12-million in its third-quarter distribution numbers. The payout to member music publishers and affiliated songwriters comes from the issuance of licenses to broadcasters and other media for the reproduction of their songs.

CMRRA President Paul Shaver, who is celebrating his first year leading the collective management organization, said: “We are very grateful to our hard-working staff whose collective focus has once again ensured on-time distribution, and to our partners at SoundExchange for the continued support of our operations.  I also want to acknowledge our licensees for maintaining the ongoing payment of royalties due to rightsholders across all platforms.  We’ll continue to remain focused on distributing royalties efficiently to our music publisher and self-published writer clients, especially during this exceptionally challenging time for those working in music.”

Headquartered in Toronto, CMRRA celebrated 45 years of operation in June.

The Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd. (CMRRA), a SoundExchange company, represents almost all of the music publishers doing business in Canada. CMRRA licenses dozens of digital services including all of the major online music services operating in Canada. It licenses, collects and distributes royalties for the majority of songs recorded, sold and broadcast in Canada. For more information, visit

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