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Victoria Anthony: Breathe Underwater

Victoria Anthony - Breathe Underwater (Independent): Just a few months after the release of her debut album Real Life, BC pop singer/songwriter Victoria Anthony has notched some very impressive stats for an independent artist. The new record has surpassed one million streams on Spotify, as well as earning 1.15 million views for the music video for the title track. 

Breathe Underwater is the fourth music video from Real Life. It begins as a piano ballad with subtle strings, then builds into a wide-screen sonic production, while showcasing Anthony's strong and assertive voice.

Valuable exposure for the track came when the Grammy organization (The Recording Academy) invited Anthony to be part of its online music series, Press Play At Home, featured on the Grammy.com website, the Academy's Youtube channel, and its social media platforms. Her performance of Breathe Underwater aired on the Youtube channel last week. Check it out here.

Still just 15, Anthony has taken a very hands-on approach to her music and career. She co-wrote Breathe Underwater with Justin Gray and Jessica Karpov, with Gray also handling the production duties, and she co-directed the video. “When I came up with the concept for the video I knew I wanted to co-direct it too,” says Anthony in a press release. “I had a talented crew of people working with me to help bring my vision to life. The whole process from start to finish was an amazing learning experience."

Anthony first came to prominence in 2018 when a video of her singing her heart out to her idol, P!NK, in front of 20,000 spectators at Rogers Arena in her hometown of Vancouver went viral, grabbing worldwide press coverage and over 100 million views. That experience spurred her into writing her own songs, and she is now emerging as a genuine pop prodigy.






Publicity: Paula Danylevich, Hype 

Management: Christina Anthony.

Radio Promotion: Brian Chick (Radio Promotion)

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