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SonReal: Bank On Me

SonReal - Bank On Me (Black Box): The BC-raised, LA-based emcee/singer/songwriter is working on a new project, one previewed by this single released last week.

In a label press release, he outlines the theme of the song this way:  “I’ve been through so many ups and downs since I started making music but one thing, I’ve always done is bank on myself. This song is made to empower people and lift them up. It’s such a crazy time in the world right now and I wanted to make a song for you to feel good to. Bank On Me.”

The cut showcases his signature inventive rhymes ("I’m chefin’ up a better way, Got my own sauce with the feta") and smart production from Trevor Muzzy.

The accompanying visualizer clip taps into the apocalyptic feelings out there, in entertaining fashion. It is already making a splash, eliciting a Georgia Straight feature (here) and scoring 120K views in just a few days.

A platinum-selling Juno-nominated artist, SonReal has often used video to potent effect, with the one for his 2014 breakthrough track, Everywhere We Go, having grabbed over 34M views. 

His 2019 album, The Aron LP (referencing his real name, Aaron Hoffman), showed him expanding his sound, and further new material is eagerly awaited.






Publicity: Charlotte Thompson, Red Umbrella P.R.

Management: Byron Wilson, 1851 House Inc. 

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