Photo: Amanda Fotes
Photo: Amanda Fotes

Talk Show Host: Blood In The Sand

Talk Show Host - Blood In The Sand (Wiretap Records): Late last year, this Toronto power pop/punk trio announced signing with noted US punk label Wiretap Records. That was the culmination of six years of hard work that included the release of three EPs and tour dates in Europe. A debut full-length album, Mid-Century Modern, is coming on June 4, preceded by this lead-off single.

It is a rousing romp, highlighted by a catchy massed-voice chorus, and featuring more melodic variety than most exponents of the genre. Adding to the charm is a rather delightful video clip starring cute cats.

In a label press release, lead singer/guitarist Chris Veinot explains that "the video has nothing to do with the song and everything to do with the fact that we are still under lockdown and all we have footage of is cats. Sincere apologies to all the dog persons.”

Venoit adds that the tune "started life as a surf-inspired track, but we couldn’t resist the ever-present urge to turn it into a power-pop singalong. The lyrics recount the plot of a non-existent delinquent teen movie I dreamed about during a full moon, something from the mid-to-late 60s that could’ve been directed by Al Adamson or Ray Dennis Steckler. The title doesn’t sound like what the song sounds like, but it was the name of the picture in the dream. We might have destroyed the fabric of space & time if we’d changed it, y’know?"

Both the track and album are produced by Toronto ace John Dinsmore (Strumbellas, PUP, Single Mothers) at his famed Lincoln County Social Club studio, and with his typical clarity. Blood In The Sand is already grabbing attention Stateside, and Talk Show Host is definitely a band to watch closely.





Publicity: Mike Cubillos, Earshot Media,

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