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Live Music Sector Blueprints Urgent Call To Action


With the Federal Budget scheduled for April 19th, Canada’s live music industry organization is lobbying stakeholders and fans to urge Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland for new money for the sector.

Specifically, the Canadian Live Music Association is calling for the Canadian government to support a “Phase 3” of $25 million in sector-specific funding to protect venues, concert promoters, festivals, production/sound and light/supply companies and others who make most of their money through live music production to help keep the music industry alive and protect venues to preserve these spaces for concerts to return when it’s safe.

The group is also calling for an extension and enhancement of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy at 75% until the end of 2021 and an extension of the Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy for businesses, including more support for medium-sized businesses, until the end of the year. 

To this end, a #ForTheLoveOfLive campaign has launched a letter-writing drive to secure support for the emergency funding now that the federal budget is scheduled for consideration on April 19. 

“The time is right now to make our final push and amplify our key urgent messages for Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland. We have one last opportunity to create impact, and we need your help more than ever,” the organization says. “Your participation could make the difference to the future funding for the live music industry.” 

The CLMA has created a website that simply facilitates Canadians interested in supporting the campaign to send a letter directly to their MP, as determined by mailing address.

Additional info:

To learn more, read the Live Music Recovery Plan and visit The Coalition of Hardest Hit Businesses website.

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