Photo: Hansel Alonzo
Photo: Hansel Alonzo

Prism Prize Eligible Video: Savannah Ré – Solid

The 2020 Prism Prize for Best Canadian Music Video was awarded to Peter Huang, for his clip for Jessie Reyez's Far Away. We will continue to profile noteworthy Canadian videos that were eligible for the Prize, including this one from a fast-rising R&B singer/songwriter.

Savannah Ré – Solid

Adding a new face to the Toronto music scene, Savannah Ré is one of Canada’s hottest emerging R&B artists. Comparable to other high profile artists out of Toronto, such as Jessie Reyez, Alessia Cara, and Daniel Caesar, Savannah comes in with a refreshing sound that’s more than likely to appeal to new listeners and audiences alike who discover her work. 

Born in Montreal, she grew up in Scarborough, and is of Jamaican descent. Her passion for the arts developed through school, as she’s interested in visual art, performing and singing. Her single Solid, directed and produced by Alicia K Harris, serves as the poetic love letter that all romantics wish for when in a relationship. She vocalizes that she needs her love to be solid and to promise that it won’t bend or break. It’s a powerful plea as many of us can relate to this sentiment when finding a significant other. We all wish that the person we love will stick around through ups, downs, the good and bad. 

The music video opens with the lead character awakening promptly out of her sleep. She walks through high white-curtains, where she is then presented with shadows of couples arguing. As she stumbles upon her own shadow, it is then revealed that she is yelling at her ex-boyfriend, responding to this reveal with tears of regret. She then begins to beat herself up for how she acted in the past and continues on to watch their good memories on a screen. This in turn makes her smile, as this is how she wants to remember her relationship with her now ex-boyfriend. 

The scene almost resembles a rehabilitation centre or asylum, as other individuals are seen in all grey-attire, looking distressed on the edge of their beds. Savannah is dressed in resemblance to her angelic voice. She’s seen wearing all white and decked out with a gold headpiece, periodically seen throughout the video. 

As the scenes carry through, Savannah sings “Don’t let it go, we’ll let it grow, this could be whatever we want.” The main character then sits by her bed, optimistically smelling flowers and placing them each in a glass of water. The scene then closes off with the main character finding her ex love’s shadow behind a curtain as he slowly walks up close to where she is. They reconnect by overlapping each other’s hands through the curtain, as she closes off with a smile. 

Alicia K Harris, the clip's director and producer, really broke barriers through the depiction of this story’s messaging. It’s definitely worth the watch. 



Director and Producer: @AliciaKHarris_

Production Company: Route Eleven

Producers: Sam Sferrazza & Peter Lilly

Starring: William Edwards, Celin Julian Joseph, Renata Smolikova, Nicole Nwokolo, Brandon MacPherson, Michael Tamaki

Editor: Kathryn Lyons

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