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Prism Prize Eligible Video: Daniela Andrade - Tamale

The 2020 Prism Prize for Best Canadian Music Video was awarded to Peter Huang, for his clip for Jessie Reyez's Far Away. We will continue to profile noteworthy Canadian videos that were eligible for the Prize, including this one from a Montreal-based singer/songwriter that is a shortlisted nominee for the 2021 Prism Prize.

Daniela Andrade - Tamale

Daniela Andrade is a multi-talented Hondurian-Canadian, singer/songwriter from Montreal, QC. Andrade stepped into the music industry the way every teen knows how, by posting covers on YouTube. In March 2008, Daniela started covering artists like Beyonce, Nirvana, and Edith Piaf. Today, she has a total of 1.96 million subscribers and over 300 million views and counting!

Justin Singer is a multi-faceted artist known for his work in the music industry, specifically in music video work. Singer has worked with such artists as Sean Leon, Harrison, and Chastity.

Together, Daniela and Justin created the incredible visuals for Andrade’s 2020 single Tamale. The video opens up to a birds eye view of a long picnic style table with women surrounding the edges, filling and folding Tamales. 

In an interview with FADER, Andrade explained the meaning behind the video and the ties it has to her Latina culture. “When I was a kid, my sisters and I would help my mom make tamales to sell to friends for some extra money to send back to our relatives in Honduras,” she said. “When I was writing Tamale, a lot of this imagery came to mind; women gathered, talking and cooking amazing food. I ran with the idea of a heightened reality where our tamales are in high demand, making money off them is a breeze, and we have enough to take care of our own. Heightened or not, the energy my mom and my sisters put into making them was always with a sense of empowerment, and that stayed with me.”

The video has tallied 850K views on YouTube, and is on the list of Top 20 nominees for the 2021 Prism Prize.

Directors - Justin Singer & Daniela Andrade

Editor - Justin Singer

DP - Nina Djacic

Producer - Amir Karimi

Production Manager - Scott McCuaig

AD - Jeff Hanley

Production Designer - Hope Little

Art Assistant - Charmaine Kachibaia

HMU - Arielle Park

HMU Assistants - Nicole Era, Kayla Caron

Stylist - Eric Richards

Stylist Assistant - Jane Bickford

Ronin Operator - Scottie Watson

AC - Bassem Azer

Gaffer - Dakota Mazzuca

Key Grip - Dillon Freel

Swing - Dave Morgado

Key PA - Gavin Quinn

PA - Theo Jung, Justin Campbell

Colourist - Clinton Homuth at ArtJail

Title Design - Luca Devinu 

Production Company - Popp Rok

Executive Producer - Taj Critchlow

Executive Producer - Director X

Head of Production - Adam Palmer

Executive Assistant - Dean Rosen

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