Coeur de Pirate: Plan à trois

Cœur de pirate - Plan à trois (Bravo Musique):  Beatrice Martin (aka Cœur de pirate) certainly hasn’t been idle during lockdown. Last month she released a surprise piano-based instrumental album, Perséides, one that revealed a new side to a seriously talented artist.

While rave reviews are still coming in for that record, she has just returned with a new single and video. Plan à trois is the second track off an album slated for release this year, and it finds her back on familiar ground.

A label press release states that “Plan à trois gives the metaphorical finger to the highly unpleasant feeling of being the third wheel of a wobbly cart—one that isn’t headed anywhere promising, anyway.”

Via such lyrics as “The door closes, and you’ll only be back tonight, You leave only a stain on my sheets, That’s the effect you have on my life,” Martin rebukes her lover while rebuking plans for a love triangle. A colourful and playful video proves a nice complement to the track. Martin's vocals are clear and unaffected, and the tune has a gentle electro-pop feel. 

The song was ironically created by a trio, with Martin supported by Ruffsound and Billboard for the composition, production, and arrangements. The track was recorded by Renaud Bastien, mixed by Tim Buron, and mastered by Marc Thériault (Le Lab Mastering). From the first listen, the song’s effects are immediately felt: bright and invigorating pop that liberates the soul.

Of note: Early this year Béatrice Martin took control of her record label, prominent Quebec imprint Dare to Care Records, renaming it Bravo Musique and becoming its new president and artistic director. A formidable force indeed.






Publicity: Kim Juneja, Take Aim Media

Management: Judith Cossette, Bravo Musique

Booking: Julien Paquin – Paquin Artist Agency

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