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Snotty Nose Rez Kids: Something Else

Snotty Nose Rez Kids - Something Else (Distorted Muse): This much-decorated BC-based Indigenous duo recently won an Indie Award for Indigenous Artist/Group or Duo of the Year, and have followed that up with another relevant new track.

In a press release, SNRK (comprising Yung Trybez and Young D) explain that "Something Else was made to kick off Indigenous Heritage Month. Y’all remember when CNN labeled us 'something else' during the presidential election? Well we flipped it on em!" That is a reference to the fact that when CNN was reporting voting demographics during last year's US presidential coverage, instead of showing the percentage of votes that were Indigenous, they decided to name that section "Something Else."

The duo adds: “Something Else comes at a time when Indigenous People are being celebrated through the month of June leading into June 21st, National Indigenous Peoples Day. SNRK wanted to bring a celebratory track this month for people to feel good. We did this one for the culture for sure! We’re living through some revolutionary times! We felt that we needed a song for our people that come from all walks of life. From the land protectors, knowledge keepers and teachers, to those that get up before sunrise to clock into work. We just want to put on for our people man. Vibes on vibes.”

The track is vintage SNRK, featuring bold lyrical flows atop staccato beats. The duo has always projected self-confident Indigenous pride, and the declaration of 'I'm something else man' here rings true.

Stranded by the pandemic, the duo made use of the past year to stay busy recording. They have taken more control over all aspects of their music self-producing and recording in their own home-built studio. On the continued development of their signature ‘Indigenous Trap’ genre, Young D says, “We never want to make the same project twice. We’re always trying to push the boundaries for our writing and recording. We never want to stop growing as artists and individuals. New cadences, new flows, new everything! We’ve been grinding at our pen game too! Punchlines, wordplay, metaphors, story telling, the whole nine. We never stop learning and growing.”

SNRK are now easing back into performance, with upcoming shows slated for June 20 , at Calgary's Grey Eagle Drive-In and June 25 at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival.






PR and Management: Brodie Metcalfe, Meta Arts

Booking: Tom Kemp, Feldman Agency

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