Talking Up Bill King’s Talk 2 Featuring 92 CanCon Music Biz Denizens

Renaissance man Bill King’s latest book, Talk: Conversations in All Key, Vol. 2, is sweeping in its scope and an essential for anyone with even a remote interest in reading about a colourful tribe of past and present record moguls, journalists, broadcasters, photographers, producers, publicists and event promoters in Canada’s music business.

It is not a complete snapshot of Canada’s music business as the 92 interviews– compiled as an accompaniment to Vol. 1 that focussed on musicians–is populated by people that King has had relationships with since crossing the border from the U.S. as a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War in 1969.

It is a book waiting that was waiting to be written and complements the remarkable 365 interviews that broadcaster Jim JJ Johnston posted on his Facebook page in 2018.

There are the headliner names, names of people waiting to be discovered by a new generation, and throughout a history of accomplishments made by a cast as zany and committed as you will find anywhere.

As the book's author succinctly describes his weighty 580-page tome: “It’s my goal to make the Talk! Series available to every young aspiring musician, and those with passion and drive continually replenish and reinvigorate our hard-hit business. Your life stories are rich, complex and inspire. It does take a village.”

Hard copy editions can be purchased at 7 Arts Press, a Kindle edition through, or $35 to gets you an autographed edition mailed the same day received.

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