2022 Prism Prize Eligible Video: CIVIC TV - Local Talent

The 2021 Prism Prize for Best Canadian Music Video was recently awarded to Theo Kapodistrias, for his clip for Haviah Mighty’s Thirteen. We will continue to profile noteworthy Canadian videos that are eligible for the 2022 prize, including this one from a Toronto indie rock artist.

CIVIC TV - Local Talent 

Lowell Sostomi also known as Toronto based artist CIVIC TV captivates the indie pop scene. Having previously toured with Great Bloomers and Wooden Sky, CIVIC TV branches into a new genre of sound, entering our new “post-apocalyptic era”. 

His video for Local Talent showcases a twisted adventure of self-realization and angst that occurs within a motel room. The opening shot shows CIVIC TV finishing off a performance, collecting his money, and heading back to a motel room where things start to crumble around him. Lights flickering, dark ambience, and distressed facial expression accompany CIVIC TV as he grapples with new found fame and the isolation that comes from that. 

The song is featured on his debut album Black Moon which was written during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. It showcases a new sound, and CIVIC TV explains “I wanted to try something that sounded uglier and darker, playing melodies I’ve never played before and singing in ways I have never sung before”. 

Directed by Cam Hunter 

Director of Photography: Bob Lyte 


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