Land of Talk: Calming Night Partner

Land of Talk  -Calming Night Partner (Dine Alone): Land of Talk is a critically-acclaimed project led by Montreal-based singer/songwriter, guitarist Elizabeth Powell. On the heels of last year's fifth album, Indistinct Conversations, they return with a four-song EP, Calming Night Partner, due for release on Friday (Nov. 12).

A label press release notes that "Indistinct Conversations saw Powell embracing a newfound sense of self as a non-binary femme, and finding their voice in confronting both a painful past and oppressive constructs. The new EP exists in a similarly therapeutic space, while further expanding Land of Talk’s lush and adventurous sound. Its songs juxtapose at times dark, difficult realities with light, cascading melodies."

The EP's title track, now out as a single, is beguiling. Powell's haunting and pure vocals are placed amidst an atmospheric production as they express intriguing lyrics - "Was it a calming night partner? Did you dance ‘til the dawn lights the night?" The effect is a mite Feist-like.

Although Land of Talk has flown rather under the commercial radar, the group has earned a notable 22M+ Spotify streams and 3.3M+ Apple Music streams, earning serious critical and peer respect on their journey. Such notable outlets as Pitchfork, Paste, The AV Club, NPR Music, The Fader, Vulture, Stereogum, and Brooklyn Vegan have chimed in with praise for earlier material.





Publicity: Jessica Santa, Listen Harder

Management: Meghan Clinton, Opak Media

Booking: Steven Himmelfarb, Feldman Agency

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