Jack Black’s Dinosaur Crashes UN Environment Summit

Greta Thunberg became the youngest environmental activist to make a global impression in recent years with her strident speeches in front of world leaders, and now the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is promoting the oldest climate change fighter: Frankie The Dinosaur.

The organization has released a two-and-a-half-minute computer-generated image video of Frankie crashing through the doors of a United Nations General Assembly meeting and taking the podium to deliver an impassioned plea to shocked delegates: “Don’t choose extinction.”

The UNDP’s Don’t Choose Extinction campaign’s website says governments currently spend about $420 billion per year supporting fossil fuels, which are contributing to climate change and the more frequent and intense fires, floods, storms, hurricanes, droughts and heatwaves that result from it.

It goes on to say that seven million people are killed each year by air pollution.

That’s where Frankie (voiced in English by American actor Jack Black) comes in… – Continue reading on the Samaritanmag website.

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