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Favours: Escaping

Favours - Escaping (Independent): This Toronto group, comprising Jacq Andrade, Alexander Zen and Mark Andrade, emerged on the scene last year with a debut album, Made to Wait, that scored placements on Netflix and CBC Gem show.

A new EP, Left Behind, came out last week, and this new single and video showcase Favours' considerable charm. In a press release, the band describes it as "a song about the secrets that you keep inside. Forget the past and leap forward. Don't look back, it's not worth your time. It tells the story of a scorned lover who approaches their new life with more mystery. Not giving in or giving away any of their efforts for anything more than a fling. Cards close to the chest. "

The soundtrack to this narrative leans heavily on early '80s new wave/synth-pop, in an effective fashion. Jacq Andrade and Zen trade lead vocals, and adding to the groove is the bass work of Broken Social Scenester Brendan Canning.

The overarching theme of the EP is, the group states, "moving on. From a broken relationship, a harsh past or a wrong decision. Life goes on, people change. Left Behind was inspired by our nostalgia for new wave and the 1980s sound." Mark Andrade handles production duties, with Tallies' Dylan Franklin engineering, and Alex Bonenfant mixing

Favours recently built a home recording studio in a former halfway house in Mimico, so let's hope this inspires more music in the not too distant future.

The group plays Hamilton's Casbah with Tallies and Capitol on Dec. 3.





Publicity: Auteur Research

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