Charlotte Command of Command Sisters with co-writer D-Sisive — screenshot.
Charlotte Command of Command Sisters with co-writer D-Sisive — screenshot.

Command Sisters Explain ‘Stories For Caregivers Song’ Project

Managed by Chris Smith at 21 Entertainment, Canadian sibling duo Command Sisters have just released their major label debut, Rouge, on 21/Universal, but before the pandemic Charlotte and Sarah joined forces with rap legend Michie Mee to create a song for the project Stories for Caregivers, produced by The Coup Company. Read this interview from February for Samaritan:

Canadian fire-and-ice pop duo Command Sisters, Charlotte and Sarah, have teamed up with rap legend Michie Mee on a project called Stories For Caregivers, a series well underway by producers The Coup Company before the pandemic. As mental health advocate Asante Haughton explains in the 7-minute in-studio video, “Cypher is a show that takes caregivers' stories and turns them into songs.”

Produced by Saucy Momo, Charlotte and Sarah co-wrote “Lift You Up” with rapper D-Sisive after they listened to the history and difficult dynamics between sisters Laura and Shannon, a very honest and personal story.

As it says in the description on YouTube, “Shannon and Laura are two sisters who could not be more different - and who were no strangers to arguing. Yet when Laura began sinking deep and deep into depression, Shannon stepped up and answered the call - even though she felt completely unprepared.”

The video was shot before March 2020 during a one-day writing and recording session in Toronto at TA2 East.

Samaritan talked with Charlotte and Sarah by phone about creating the song, the importance of caregivers, as well as their personal story taking care of their mom. – Continue reading on the Samaritanmag website.

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